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Chiller Van Rental Dubai

Here are many chiller van rental & chiller van hire companies in Dubai provides chiller transport services and each company have different quality of services.

But make sure that Al Zareena will provide professional and best chiller van services in All UAE.

Drive Cool Transport is a prominent organization that offers any temperature-friendly chiller van for rent in Dubai (1 ton, 1.5 ton) at the best market available rents.

Chiller Van Hire UAE

Chiller Van for Rental in Dubai With Driver / Without Driver

  • Price with Driver/ Month = 7000 AED
  • Price without Driver/ Month = 4000 AED

Food & drinks.
Biotech & chemicals.
Health and beauty products.
Flowers and plants.
Fruits and vegetables.
Dairy products.
All other temperature sensitive products.

For that, we have a range of chiller vans ready to come along on short, monthly, yearly, and seasonal notices.

We Also  provide Chiller Van hire for rent in Dubai. Hotels, pharmaceutical firms and lots of others everywhere in the UAE.

As our professional chiller transport company in UAE. we are located all across seven Emirates. like we provide Chiller vans Rental Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai and other Emirates as well.

We have very professional team all across UAE. They will serve you better if you have any requirements for Chiller Vans.

Refrigerated Van for Rent UAE

Al Zareena Transportation services are very reliable and affordable. provide full maintenance services and we are monitoring our vehicles by smart technical team. They are do inspection some times once in a week or sometimes daily.

You will not get any trouble in mid way due to vehicle damage. Because Over chiller vans  services are with driver.

For That, You can trust us to handle your perishable products when you bring them to us.

We have well-maintained and well-equipped chiller vans rental in Dubai fitted with the best professional drivers, hygienic standards, and refrigeration units.

Our refrigeration unit has a high power supply and ideal operating temperature. With the help of battery power, the products remain refrigerated during transit as well.

In our chiller van hire rental in Dubai, we even have the chiller vans if you merely need smaller vehicles for the delivery. You’ll be able to still make it safe and lodge in the specified temperature. It’s good to rent because it always has 2 compartments which allows you to stay in different forms of products at different temperatures.

We have any size van like from 1 ton to 10 ton.

Call us at +971507778571 to discuss your requirements!

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Semi-Freezer Chiller Van

Meanwhile, semi-freezer vans have more advanced insulation, about 75 millimeters thick. Than chiller and insulation vans while boasting a better refrigeration capacity than chiller van. These Chiller vans can transport frozen foods and other items that have got to stay below freezing. It also has quick-defrost measures that eliminate the necessity for a defrost heater.

Full-Freezer Van

They share many of the equivalent features because of the semi freezer vans, but with a minimum of one added dimension thicker. Heat-resistant doors and sidewalls. This lessens what proportion the within of the cargo deck heats up thanks to conduction from the sun’s rays on the metal exterior.

Regardless of whether you would like an insulation van or a full-fledged full-freezer vehicle, contact Emerald Transportation Solutions. We sell quality refrigerated cargo vans that change supported your specific needs, so you get precisely the van that matches your cargo.

Chiller Conversion Van

Chiller conversion vans are essentially insulation vans with a refrigeration component attached. This suggests that it keeps heat out effectively while bringing in additional cool air to stay temperatures low. Some samples of companies that use chiller conversion vans include florists and people shipping non-frozen foods or beverages.

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chiller van rental

Insulation Van

The definition of a refrigerated Truck. Chiller van may be a vehicle that not only keeps goods cool by keeping heat out and therefore the cold. but also actively maintains the cold through refrigeration. Insulation vans don’t fit this latter qualification they don’t have a refrigeration system but they’re adept at keeping goods cool for as long as possible. As a result, these vehicles are best for transporting cool long-lived or non-perishable products. Their 50-millimeter Styrofoam or polystyrene insulation prevents a simple thermal bridge from forming and introducing heat by isolating all potential heat and air entryways when employees seal the cargo. We are here to serve you with the best deliveries services in UAE. chiller vans and excellent temperature controlled vehicles.

Reach us: +971 56 409 2633

Refrigerator Van Rental in Dubai

AL ZAREENA CHILLER CARGO LLC. is one of the Best Refrigerator Van Rental Services in Dubai. 

Looking for a Refrigerated or Freezer Vehicle Transport in UAE? At AL ZAREENA CHILLER CARGO LLC. 

We have almost any type of Refrigerated Van, Chiller Van, Refrigerated Truck, Freezer Van, Reefer Truck. In short any type of Refrigerated Vehicle for rent or hire in Dubai or anywhere in UAE. We provide best refrigerated transport for rent or hire all over UAE. Our highly qualified and skilled staff can help you out with any kind of support That you may need. Our Chiller Vans, Refrigerated Vans, Freezer Vans, have Advanced Cooling System. so it can keep any kind of product at exactly the required temperature. We operate Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and provide any type of rental chilled items.